Design Aids

Frequently we are contacted to rebuilt the lost history of an electronic product. In short, this consists of walking back over ECO's/ECN's (Engineering Change Orders, Engineering Change Notices) which are not always perfectly recorded. For that purpose we create some free tools for our customers use which allow accurate comparisons of netlists and BOM's (Bills of Material). In addition we present here a handy tool to select resistor values based on the popular E96 and E192 series (1% and 0.5% standard values).

While the use of these tools is freely available from this web site, ComSysDes will certainly appreciate a couple of lines with your comments describing how any enhancements of these tools might help you.

We will be happy to assist you in finding a solution to your design problem. You can contact us for assistance either via e-mail to MailAddress or by phone at 510-792-1760.

  1. Netlist Compare Tool
  2. Resistor Calculator
  3. Bills of Material Compare Tool (call for free help)
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