Factory Discontinued IC's

This is a service that addresses the need arising from the discontinuation of ICís by their manufacturer. More often than not, this is done with very short notice to the Manufacturing/Engineering organization

When this chip is a logic IC, it is often possible to build a same-footprint, pin-for-pin compatible device into a small module using an FPGA or CPLD. This is usually a preferable alternative to the disruption in the Engineering organization caused by the requirement of a fast track development with zero-error and zero schedule tolerance of a new board or product, which is often offered as a solution to this problem.

ComSysDes Consultants have experience in taking the existing chip specification document (or writing one, if needed), generating the necessary code to match the specs, testing and delivering small to medium runs of the replacement IC, with little or minimum impact on the production cycle.

You can contact us for assistance either via e-mail to MailAddress or by phone at 510-792-1760.