Programmable Devices

If your project calls for FPGA's or CPLD's, we can tackle these designs efficiently and offer them to you at competitive cost within a reasonable schedule. We specialize on Xilinx (ISE tools), Altera (Quartus tools), Actel/MicroSemi (Libero tools) and Lattice (ispLEVER and Diamond tools) devices.

Our Specialists are proficient in both Verilog and VHDL languages and the verification (Synplicity) and simulation (Modelsim) tools for making your project a success. We also have our own internally designed tools and procedures to handle all aspects of your programmable logic design as well as the experience to handle the simplest CPLD to the more complex FPGAs that are offered on the market today.

You can contact us for assistance either via e-mail to MailAddress or by phone at 510-792-1760.